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“Technology Is The Future. I Urge The People Of Our State, Especially Our Education Stakeholders, To Support This Great Initiative. It Is The Best Investment We Can Make In The Future Of The Bayelsa Child.”
  • BayelsaPRIME represents the vision for a stronger Bayelsa State. It is set to deliver dramatic improvements in learning outcomes for public school children across the state. It will accelerate the numeracy and literacy skills of Bayelsa’s pupils, enabling them to compete with their peers anywhere in the world.
  • BayelsaPRIME is designed to change the development path of education and bring prosperity and economic development to all communities.
  • It will transform all government public primary schools using innovative technology, data-driven platforms, high-quality learning materials, effective training and ongoing coaching and support for teachers and school leaders.
  • BayelsaPRIME will deploy 21st Century technology to support teachers, schools and classrooms. It will enable our children to fulfil their potential and offer them and the state a brighter future.
  • BayelsaPRIME will empower our teachers to become highly skilled digital teachers motivated and empowered to succeed in the classroom.
  • BayelsaPRIME will impact all public primary schools in Bayelsa State; re-training thousands of government teachers and improving learning for thousands of pupils.
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